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I had some time on my hands recently and have a jtm45 clone I had built but needed a new rectifier for. Being lazy and short on money I wanted to see if i could get by using a smaller rectifier but all I had was a 5y3. Long story short, I got the idea to convert my jtm to run using the tubes I had on hand a 5y3 and pair of jj 6v6's.

I ended up tweaking the bias section a little bit, raised the bias range resistor to 220, and lowered the 220k bias splitters to 100k but otherwise left it otherwise stock. Was able to get the bias in range and it sounds surprisingly good.

When I was doing a little research it turns out a fella named mark huss drew up a schematic for a 6v6 plexi style amp using a yba-2 chassis. Figured id post it here for anyone with a yba-2 collecting dust or a jtm45 clone.

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