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1995 & 1996 Gibson Les Paul Special DC, TV Yellow & Cherry Finish. For bass a 1978 Gibson RD.
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1997 Gibson Les Paul Special DC, in TV Yellow. Made in USA. This guitar is 100% original including the brown tolex Gibson hardshell case. Has some beautiful finish checking on the body, some scratches and dings as to be expected but in beautiful condition.

The lacquer on the headstock seems to have at some point bubbled up and started chipping off.
In my opinion it adds to the character of the guitar, but for the collector's who will complain-- I have already adjusted the price down -$300 to accommodate that.

Frets are great, no dead spots and aren't low by any means. Truss rod is healthy (has plenty of room for adjustment), electronics are completely original, everything functions as it should on this axe.

You can view the full ad on Reverb here: 1997 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cutaway - Yellow | Simon's Axe Emporium | Reverb

P.S. I have dubbed it "El Tigre", as the yellow finish and finish checking give it character almost like it has claw marks on it. You can rename it if you're the new owner but I highly recommend preserving the name for bonus points ;) Asking $2,200.00.

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