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1968 gibson skylark

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:DevilGuitar: I have a 68 gibson skylark in near mint condition ,i was wondering if anybody new its`s not the one with has a 8inch speaker, wired just like the fender champs from what i hear.I don`t think you could find one in better shape than this one.
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These are cool amps, and very much collectors items.THEY are still undervalued, but thats almost not true anymore. I wouldnt play one though. They are bland sounding, even clean. On the other hand, put a TS-9 in front of it and it will crank like any good tube amp.
...i bought one for $150 about four years ago, but i usually see them going for about $400 or more.

Vintage Guitar Price guide has a GA-5 1968 listed at $225.00 USF
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