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1995 & 1996 Gibson Les Paul Special DC, TV Yellow & Cherry Finish. For bass a 1978 Gibson RD.
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Up for sale is this incredible piece of Epiphone AND Gibson history (because yes, it was made in Gibson's Kalamazoo factory). This guitar is a player's grade axe, lots of cosmetic wear and tear (as shown in pics). Neck appears to have had a slight repair, does not appear to be anything close to a detached break (as typical with gibsons). T

here are many scratches and dings, I tried to outline them with my photos. The guitar weighs about 7lbs, has no neck dive thankfully, still retains the original vibrolo (just missing the trem arm) has original pickup (reading 7k) and wiring. The neck is very chunky, think gibson junior baseball bats. The black pickguard was likely a custom job at some point way back, looks awesome on this guitar would hate to change it. Comes with original case. More photos here: 1967 Epiphone Olympic Single | Simon's Axe Emporium | Reverb

Looking for $1500, happy gear hunting! :)
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