Note- currently looking for a local sale.

Here's a beauty of an amp- a 1966 Fender Bassman with it's original cab. I am the 2nd owner of this amp and it is in excellent original condition for a 57 year old amplifier, showing just minor wear and some scratches on the faceplate. The original owner added a couple of brackets on the back panel to store the cord for transport.

  • March, 1966 tube chart date (PC)
  • AB165 circuit (in typical Fender fashion, the amp sports an earlier AA864 tube chart)
  • original "F" logo speaker cable included!!
  • original transformers
  • original Oxford 12T6 speakers in the cabinet
  • freshly serviced (new preamp tubes, 3 prong cord conversion, "death cap" removed, new F&T and Sprague electrolytic capacitors, a few drifted resistors changed and cracked solder joints touched up). All the original blue molded tonestack caps are present.
  • feet on the cabinet are new Fender replacements, the original rubber rotted away
  • cover for the 2x12" is included but is not a Fender cover

Original parts (caps, 2 prong power cord, cabinet feet) are included if you want them for some reason.

If you've never played a Bassman, check out Johan Segeborn's videos linked below- you'll hear a rock and roll and blues machine in action that can cop a Fender clean or crank it for some serious crunch- more gain and mids than the reverb equipped Fenders. Great pedal platform!

Here's a link to his AB165 videos- ab165

Not interested in trades. I have too many amps and this one does not get played so it's moving on. It's ready for another 60 years of use.