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1965 Raven Archtop Semi
Raven guitars were made in Japan at the Matsumoku plant and the brand was exclusive to Canada - not sure who the distributor was - anyone know?
This one has been restored to great playing condition.
It's a fully hollow ES-335 copy, or an ES-330 copy with humbuckers, and is now in great shape.

-All seams are tight.
-Wiring harness has been re-done , with original pots & caps, replaced jacks and switches.
-Braided wire grounded to the bridge - the guitar does not hum.
-Original humbucking pickups sound great.
-Re-fretted with stainless steel jumbo frets. 10” fretboard radius.
-New bone nut.
-Vintage looking modern tuners.
-Bridge base has been properly fitted to the top of the guitar for maximum tone transfer.
-Available with Japanese Bigsby copy or regular trapeze tailpiece - your choice.
-Gig bag included.

Also included are a Fran’s Diner Receipt and Nickelodian Dinner Club ticket from May 11th 1974 that were with the guitar. Woohoo!

$725 via IEMT or cashex, plus shipping anywhere.
Can be shipped with the neck off in a much smaller box, to save shipping $$$.
As the pix show, it's in great shape. Come on down!

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