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1995 & 1996 Gibson Les Paul Special DC, TV Yellow & Cherry Finish. For bass a 1978 Gibson RD.
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Up for sale is this amazing vintage guitar from the 60's built by Epiphone in Gibson's Kalamazoo Factory.

The guitar is almost entirely original, maybe missing one original strap button and has had a necessary tuner swap (but originals are included). Even comes with original Maestro Vibrola tremolo + arm (which people usually tear off and sell seperately). Plays super smooth and is setup well courtesy of Capsule Music in Toronto, ON. No dead spots or buzzing. Frets are on the low side as any guitar this age would be, but are well leveled so are not an issue of playability. Cosmetic wear is very minimal on this guitar, some minor knicks and dings but a lot cleaner than any other examples on reverb right now. The condition surely won't disappoint.

Comes with original vintage particleboard case (but will double box it for shipping). Alternatively can ship with a soft case if you prefer. More pics can be found here: Epiphone Olympic Special Sunburst 1965 | Simon's Axe Emporium | Reverb

Looking for $1800, willing to negotiate though! Happy Gear Hunting :)
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