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Continuing from this thread and in appreciation for the opportunity to share my music and efforts here, the awesome reception and the super encouraging support of some incredible forum members...

I wanted to share the Deluxe Edition and PlayAlong of my album, free for you to download until January. It consists of 11 backing tracks, 8 of them for guitar and 3 for drummers, all high quality 48-32 wav files (or mp3 if you prefer) made directly from the original mixes so you can record yourself and add your own processing at home.

This is a quick video of what's inside:

This other video explains how to download the album, the process is the same for the PlayAlong version, in case someone is having trouble downloading:

I would love to hear your opinions and feedback, this is my second album and I'm still learning (including how to promote myself in the cyberspace)

Here's the direct link:
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