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hi everyone,

i'll have a vox T25 soon. from what i've heard, it's a great amp, but lacks volume and power (although already quite loud for a 25w).

i know a guy on another forum who has replaced the T25 speaker with a Carvin PS10 (10" bass speaker, 200w, 8 ohms), and the result was amazing. great punch and basically the amp on steroids.

there HAVE been concerns raised, such as "underpowering" the speakers (200w speaker on a 25w amp) thereby frying it??? and some techy stuff about 4 ohms vs. 8 ohms.; nevertheless, that person has been using that mod for a year and with no problems.

SO...i've decided to get the carvin PS10 from their official website. $59.99...not too bad especially with the weak USD. the ridiculous part was the shipping and handling of $30+ for a $60 product. for course, i didn't complete the order.

NOW...can anyone suggest a comparable alternative? and can anyone offer his/her take on the whole "underpowering" issue and the issue with ohms mismatch?

thanks in advance!
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