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Mike MacLeod said:
I've noticed too that I open up after playing for an hour or so. My right hand starts to get more out of the guitar. I have noticed that after an hour of playing all my guitars start to sound better when I play them.

Maybe the molecules in my hand are aligning. :)
I think it's just that you are getting old! :tongue:

O.K. just kidding...on a serious note, though... Now, that I am (gasp) over 40, I have to warm up a lot more (well, at all, actually...never did previously). If I play for 30 minutes or so prior to a jam, lesson etc. it really helps. Of course, I may be waking up the guitar too!

I do believe in instruments waking up. I notice it more if I haven't been playing my instruments for a week or more though.
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