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  1. FS: 70's Yamaki AY270 Folk w/ case

    70's Japanese Yamaki AY270 folk acoustic. Hard to find a lot of info on the web, but it seems to be a cedar top with mahogany back and sides. Recently set up by Greigg Fraser with 11's. This guitar has decent wear, being in it's 40's. I've been informed via this forum that the tuners are not...
  2. Looking for info on YAMAKI AY374S

    Acoustic Guitar
    I have a Yamaki AY374s that used to be my grandpas. There is little information on the internet about Yamaki guitars, let alone this specific one. if anybody has any information included what the guitar goes for nowadays it would be greatly apprectiated. I am not interested in selling this...
  3. Yamaki 331 - looking for more info

    Acoustic Guitar
    I just recently picked up a dreadfully beaten Yamaki Deluxe 331 for the purposes of attempting a restoration. I'm trying to put a date on the guitar, but the date stamp is faded - They stamped the year of the date overtop of the black portion of the label. After photographing it under...
  4. nuby here

    For New Users
    Hi to all from a nuby I have the opportunity to acquire A Yamaki Yamaki AY 375 S. The instrument appears to to be in good repair and no buzy strings. action a little to high. it comes with no case. but is very blemish free for it's age. could anyone suggest a range of value for this guitar. I...
  5. Buffalo Head Yamaki

    Acoustic Guitar
    I recently purchased a Yamaki Buffalo Head. On a forum i noticed an ad for these,some with the logo across the top, whereas the one I have the logo is black & vertical. Also the one on the poster says is made of solid rosewood back and sides with spruce top. Thing is the particular model has the...