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  1. Thoughts on Yamaha THR10II? Wireless?

    Amps and Cabs
    Hi everyone, As I already mentioned in another thread, I am about to get back into playing electric guitar. Does anyone have any thoughts on the second-wave of Yamaha THR modelling amps? I had a look with the search but only found people discussing the originals. I am after something that will...
  2. Yamaha THR10X headphone issue

    Amps and Cabs
    Calling out to Yamaha THR users! I’m having an issue using my THR 10X with headphones (Sennheiser HD 598Cs) via a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch jack converter. The output through the headphone sounds flat (like without any cab simulation), so if anyone has any idea or experience in this case, I’ll really...
  3. Choices (I've had a few NSDs lately)

    Amps and Cabs
    L to R; T to B: Cerwin Vega ER-124 (I have a second one to pair with it); Yamaha JA-3052B (Yamahas take on a JBL); Celestion G12L-35, Marsland GB1275 (I have a second one in a DIY 1x12 transmission line cab, my fave guitar 12, this is my spare), Weber Gray Wolf (have a 2nd one). Still gotta...
  4. The right guitar for a 70yr old beginner?

    Acoustic Guitar
    hey all, I’m looking for a guitar for my dad’s 70th, got it down to a takamine gd30 or a Yamaha fs800. I was about to buy the tak but then I started thinking that a dreadnought may not be ideal or most comfortable for someone just learning to play. I’m really torn; which would you get? Thanks!
  5. Yamaha fg700ms vs Takamine g530 vs g330s vsbs

    Acoustic Guitar
    Which one would you buy as a gift for my dad’s 70th; he wants to learn, keep the mind young. If I could find a takamine gd30 Nat I’d go with that so I’d get the pinless bridge and two piece saddle, but can’t find one used anywhere. I could also grab an art and lutherie ami spruce for a great...
  6. Yamaha 800 series FG and FS acoustic guitars..Comments Please ...July UPDATE: I CAVED...NGD!

    Acoustic Guitar
    I recently tried a Yamaha FG 800 and was impressed. Please understand that this is a $300.00 (CDN...taxes in) guitar. I was impressed GIVEN the price point. I did some reading about them and found that Yamaha changed the neck profile and and the bracing and introduced these in 2016. Apparently...
  7. New to the Community

    For New Users
    Just a married father of four who never grew up, with 6 guitars, 5 from thrift stores, bargains and beaters, including an Arthur Hensel Artist parlor guitar (1930`s, Goodwill find, great sound, needs neck reset, though) a late 60's CBS Masterworks MGW-550 ($65 - Value Village, great shape), a...
  8. Need Help Re Humidifing an Acoustic Yamaha Dave Navarro Signature

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey guys, A buddy I jam with has an older Yamaha Dave Navarro Sig Acoustic Electric. He had left it for I do not know how long out of the case and it has apparently dried out. I haven't seen it yet, but he said that the bridge is sinking (or something to that effect) because it dried out. I...
  9. HELP!!!! - Tanglewood vs Yamaha - Acoustic

    Acoustic Guitar
    Hey! I am buying a guitar as a gift for my boyfriend. He used to play growing up but basically he is a beginner. I am undecided between two: Yamaha FG720s + comes with case and stand, and i love that it is black = $220 Tanglewood TW 28 Model Evolution CSG = $140 Which would be the best choice...
  10. Yamaha SBG 3000

    Yamaha SBG 3000