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    I'm putting this beautiful Xotic Strat back on the block, as I'm trying to pay off some bills this month. Asking $2800 in person local (Vancouver, Lower Mainland), $2940 EMT shipped Canada Post Expedited (or XpressPost if $140 covers it to your location - any extra will be refunded), within...
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    Suhr Rufus Reloaded (Fuzz/Octavio in one!) Super awesome fuzz/octavio from suhr. Amazing build quality, and incredible sound. Can achieve awesome hendrix style fuzz face tones, and even some gnarlier tone bender style tones. Hold the footswitch down and it turns on the Octavio circuit to get...
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    Up for sale is a masterbuilt xotic xsc2 with roasted AAA flame maple neck and candy apple red over 3 tone sun burst! This guitar plays and sounds like an absolute dream! The exact specifications are on the spec sheet picture! Let me know if you have any questions! I’m not looking for anything...