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  1. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Beautiful sounding speaker. Broken in but never used that much. 8ohm, 60 watts in very good shape.
    $120 CAD
  2. Sold Items
    Please delete
    $0 CAD
  3. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Long shot here— anyone, preferably in the GTA, want to trade me your 8ohm Creamback H magnet for a Weber 1230-55 8ohm, 30 watt, light dope? I bought it new in 2013 and since it has been minimally and infrequently used.
    $1 USD
  4. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Hey all, Looks like I'm headed down the rabbit hole... Looking for a 16ohm blackframe Scumback M75 65w (non-PVC) speaker. If you have one you want to move along please let me know. I can trade stuff or pay cash, whatever works for you! Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results