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  1. Personal Websites

    The Open Mic (Non Music Related)
    Anyone here have their own personal website for their guitar stuff? I was looking to get a site, blog of sorts, where I can have a page for every guitar project I have on the go, just wondered if anyone else was doing the same? recommend a free place to start a site? would care to share a link...
  2. Canada Instruments Website - Legit?

    Electric Guitar
    So... looking to finally finish a guitar I have had half done for over a year now (stuff comes up, keeps getting pushed to the side). Anyone familiar with Canada Musical Instruments - Guitars, Drums, Dj Equipment, Recording Found them by when searching for a Gotoh 510UB bridge, came up half...
  3. Hello - hoping for feedback on band websites

    For New Users
    Hey all, I sure hope this doesn't come across as spammy... I'm a startup in Ottawa and launching a new service that makes it easy to get a domain name and create a webpage for under $20 (/year) with no BS. It looks great, can include text, images, videos and is easy to update on your computer...