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  1. FS: GOTOH relic Strat tremolo - SOLD

    Guitar Parts
    Neck previously listed sold. GE101TS Aged Chrome Relic Series Vintage Style Tremolo Guitar Bridge Paid $125 for it at SOLO Music just before Christmas. $100 Cdn. Shipped in Canada SOLD
  2. 1988 Strat Plus - Graffiti Yellow

    Electric Guitar
    My New (VERY RARE) 1988 Fender® Graffiti Yellow Stratocaster® Plus. E 483451 This color was originally slated for the Jeff Beck Stratocaster and reportedly was based on the color of the hot rod in the movie American Graffiti. 2 Fender Gold LACE SENSOR #027666 / Black Pickups , neck and middle 1...
  3. Yamaki 331 - looking for more info

    Acoustic Guitar
    I just recently picked up a dreadfully beaten Yamaki Deluxe 331 for the purposes of attempting a restoration. I'm trying to put a date on the guitar, but the date stamp is faded - They stamped the year of the date overtop of the black portion of the label. After photographing it under...
  4. Symphonic MA-13 Tube Amp

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Hi folks. I picked up a Symphonic MA-13 tube amp yesterday. It's in good physical condition but I'd like to get a health check done on it. From what I've read, I will need an isolation transformer installed, and a three pronged power cord. It's a sweet sounding little amp. Loves my acoustic...
  5. Fuzz Advice / Check out my chain

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Hi all I’m new here. Session guitarist. I’m currently running a early built Victoria Bassman, stero into a Allen Accomplice Jr, built by Allen sold by @fogdart. i’m going to either be using my 69 SG special all original or my 59 Jason smith Masterbuilt Strat directly into the fuzz, into——...
  6. Aging / Relicing Hardware

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey guys... kinda the "in" thing now, making new hardware look old... anyone got some relics they've done and want to show off? Maybe mention which method was used? Looking online now and so many methods, be nice to see how some of them turned out. Was thinking the muriatic acid vapour method...
  7. Amber Tinted Clear Coat - Rattlecan

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I have a project guitar, basic made in China Squier, that I want to strip down and upgrade, give it a vintage (not relic) look. Basically how it would look after 50yrs if it were kept in good shape... I don't plan to srape, sand and 'relic' the paint or anything, though I may dull up a chrome a...
  8. Need Help Identifying This Vintage Acoustic Guitar

    Acoustic Guitar
    I recently got this guitar and I'm looking for more information on it as I can't find anything about the brand. The information I do have. Brand: Florence (see picture with some type of boat on it) Year: 1941? (The tuners are Kluson tuners used around WWII mostly on Gibson guitar. On the...
  9. "Birds" of a Feather

    Electric Guitar
  10. Help with vintage Hofner

    Electric Guitar
    I have old Hofner, but i dnot know model and value... Can you help pls?
  11. NAD - wob wob wob wob

    Amps and Cabs
    NEW AMP DAY! I tried ignoring the local craigslist ad for this Sunn Solaris for 2 weeks, but the price was too good and nobody else was taking it. Both of those probably due to the fact that it was advertised as being in unconfirmable functional condition (” Fuse (and fuse casing) is blown...
  12. Vancouver Acoustic Store Recommendation

    Acoustic Guitar
    A friend of a friend has inherited a Gibson acoustic that belonged to her late grandfather. She thinks it's from the early 50s. Can you recommend a reputable store that deals in high-end & vintage acoustic guitars? She would like to have an appraisal performed & get an estimate for any work...
  13. Need Help Old Fender Jazzmaster: Restore or not?

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi everyone, This old Jazzmaster, which is believed to be a 1963 or 66 just landed in my shop. The owner wishes to get rid of it. I suggested to first make it playable and we would go from there. Good start, right? It's been sitting in a case for 30 years after someone decided to give it an...
  14. NAD Marshall 2554 Silver Jubilee

    Amps and Cabs
    First acquisition in some time. We decided to take advantage of the insane housing market here a few months back and sold up, made a ton of money and moved into a nice apartment. We love it actually. But I had to give up my "studio" I used to have in the basement. A lot of gear was sold and I...
  15. Anyone have a gut shot of a 1964 Vintage Blackface Princeton

    Amps and Cabs
    I'm probably going to purchase one today, but I'd like to make sure it's unmodded and original and need something to compare it to. Thanks.
  16. Need Help Vintage Pyramid

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Good afternoon to all! I recently picked up this old Pyramid guitar at the thrift store. I'm considering restoring it, on the most basic level, pretty much just so it's playable. I don't know if there are components that are body specific, or what type of pickups to use, I'm in need of some...
  17. Rare early Sunn amp on the bay

    Amps and Cabs
    ... and it's actually not insanely priced. Not sure what they're actually worth, but considering this: I'm surprised the seller isn't asking more. Seller is being a bit of a stick in the mud about the payment method and no shipping at all, but it is old and possibly delicate. Anyway, just...
  18. Headed to the studio Sunday, my friends lent me some amps

    Amps and Cabs
    Vintage Sunn Scepter, vintage modded Hiwatt DR (not sure of model - 100W though). That is my Marshall JCM800 412 with G12-65's (not the G12T-75's which other JCM800 cabs came with). I briefly tried out the Sunn before posting - it sounds big, and that was on 1. I'm really excited to hear...
  19. Any Sunn owners here?

    Amps and Cabs
    As the band gears up to go into the studio, I'm trying to find some cool amps to blend with the marshalls. An acquaintance of mine owns two Sunn heads, one of which is a first gen model T. He described it, I felt the GAS pangs haha. I know these amps are very popular in the stoner/doom world...
  20. 1968 Gibson ES345

    1968 Gibson ES345