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  1. Valeton's GP-100 (demo) - new effects processor coming soon

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    I had the opportunity to beta test a new processor... up to 9 effects that you can arrange in any order and very compact. Software is easy to use, although the controls are straight-forward on the unit. New firmware was released yesterday, and the guitar tones sound more organic and meatier than...
  2. Coral Amp Pedal (demo/review)

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    SOUND: Of the eight high-gain amps my favorite is number three, which simulates the Marshall JCM 900 4x12 – the grain and clarity is very cutting and edgy. I found the Peavey 5150 a touch fizzy for my liking, but I may not have had it dialed in well. Nonetheless, there are six other high-gains...
  3. Coral Mod II (Valeton) demo/review

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    SOUND: Thanks to the 24-bit technology and custom buffer circuit, the Coral Mod II has great clarity. It also has very low noise, making the inclusion of its tremolos, wahs, flangers, etc., a pleasure to use with both clean and high-gain tones. With clean or slightly crunchy tones there isn’t...