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  1. Electric Guitar
    Please help us identify the brand/model of a guitar we're now working on. The guitar has no visible branding but has the characteristics of a late 60s Matsumoku Bruno. Supposedly these were made in Japan to be marketed in Canada. We're primarily relying on the hardware to identify it, however...
  2. Electric Guitar
    Like the title says, I've been playing my uncle's old Univox for a decade now but I haven't been able to identify the model or anything. I'm not fully sure the year but I believe around the 1970s. (It is currently unstrung, waiting on new strings) Photos: IMG 20180410 121735 IMG 20180410 121727...
  3. Electric Guitar
    Hello.. long listener, first time poster. Actually i just joined ;) I cannot find any info about this Univox les paul copy. I see a lot of pictures online, but all with no info. I can find more pricey versions that don't just have the standard dots on the neck. This guitar has no serial as well...
1-3 of 3 Results