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  1. Electric Guitar
    The other day, I was trying out a ProCo RAT 2, and the guitar I played through it was a Jackson guitar with a Floyd Rose. At first, I was able to get it into perfect tune, so I did a divebomb. After the divebomb, the guitar went out of tune, which doesn't happen to me usually with a Floyd Rose...
  2. Electric Guitar
    I'm a mostly pleased owner of a Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus, but I have to say the "Vintage" tuners used on them are, imho, terrible. Hard to tune as is, so the factory tuners have got to go. In looking for replacements, the first question is "What is the hole size". So far, I've had...
  3. Theory and Technique
    I thought I knew how to tune a guitar! This is kinda neat, enjoy.
1-3 of 3 Results