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  1. FS: TOOBs - preamp, power, and recto tubes

    Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Overbought on spares over the years; making room in the parts drawer. NIB JJ 5Y3 - $20 NOS 6AV6 (your choice: Sylvania or RCA - need to keep one) - $12 ***SOLD*** NOS JAN Philips 12AT7 - $14 ***SOLD*** NOS JAN Philips 5963 (12Au7 alt) - $12 The above all purchased from TheTubeStore and...
  2. New tubes day

    Amps and Cabs
    Took out the old soveteks ( the amp was starting to act up ) and put some JJ tubes in my Traynor YCV80Q today and I gotta say I'm very happy with the results. The tubes were in it when I bought it a couple of years ago and one of them was cutting out. The blues jr. is next. I know, I know...
  3. Lordtone Amps, Canada made Ceriatone Amps

    Dealer Emporium
    Hi, we are this is a small online business authorized by Ceriatone, we represent this great amps brand now here in Canada, so we are very happy to announce you that Lordtone Amps is here to stay and offer to you the best quality amps custom made. Ceriatone is a company that...
  4. 63 vibroverb reissue tube choices

    Amps and Cabs
    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the 'euro tube' tube sets (euro I have '63 vibroverb reissue, bought new in the early nineties - stock speakers didn't last long ( ice-pick sound I read somewhere, and that was certainly my opinion too) I replaced them with...
  5. Repair Question New tubes making hissy, static noises

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    HI, I just installed a new set of tubes 3 weeks ago and am now noticing that when I turn on the amp it makes a static, crackly noise. Does that mean the power tube is gone? It is a Fender champion 600. 1 12ax7 and 1 6v6. This is really disappointing. It seems to ease up after the amp is on for a...