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  1. Bass Guitar and Amps
    Used but in excellent shape. Not beat up and theres plenty of tube life left. Selling for $550 Plus shipping. Here's some write up from google: Designed to combine classic tube bass tone with modern features, the E300T offers a simple control set and a range of tones anywhere from ultra-clean...
    $550 CAD
  2. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    So I have decided to let go of my Morris XSIII. This amp has a pretty cool history and makes me a bit sad to see it go because of the sentimentality but I really seldom use it anymore. As you can see I have a couple of Morris amps and I really don't this this one get the love it deserves. So...
    $2,400 CAD
  3. Sold Items
    Looking to trade a beautiful condition Carr Skylark (black tolex) straight up for a Carr Rambler (looking for more headroom) or a Carr Sportsman + $450. Only played at home and in the studio. Just replaced the power tubes with brand new Tung Sols this month. Also includes custom padded case...
  4. Sold Items
    Im putting this under guitars and amps because its a set. Traynor YBA 1 Bass Master Amp-Derick Bell 1X12 Cab-Vintage Celestion Creamback-70's Ventura Strat 60's YBA-1 this could be the transitional period. The tube rectifier slot has a plate over it. Not sure if this was covered or stock. Big...
  5. Sold Items
    I've got a Carr Raleigh – stunning little 3 watt-er – here in Ottawa. Amazing amp, but I'm consolidating a few amps. It has a couple of scuffs on the tolex, but is otherwise in great shape. Sounds amazing gorgeous cleans and a fun overdrive setting. Astounding tones for such a lightweight...
  6. Amps and Cabs
    I recently paid $240 for this weird old amp from a guy I trade gear with semi regularly. It’s an old Granada, likely from the ‘70s, that’s been pretty well modified and has a rather interesting story in a binder to go with it. I thought I’d share the cool factor and see if anybody has any other...
  7. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Brown faced, piggy back, with tilt back legs. 2 X 10 cabinet with 2 Jenson P10R's (20w each) 35 watts of pure tube driven power. All original electronics. Sweet and creamy. Clean tones up to 4 and natural break up gradually comes in after that. $3200
  8. Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Hi, I play through a cranked Marshall Origin 20H with a G12 Greenback speaker. I was planning to replace the current EL34s with 6CA7s once they wear out. Is this a feasible option, or would I have to adjust the bias?
  9. Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    more specificity, it’s written on the amplifier that it uses EL34 or 6L6’s and I have 6L6’s on hand and it appears that 2 of the 8 pins have been pulled out of all 4 tubes. What is the purpose of this and are these tubes any good with the pins missing?
  10. Amps and Cabs
    I recently tried out an Orange OR15 and loved it. It allows me to get the tone that I'm after with ease. I'm thinking about buying one to use at home and gig with, but I've never brought a tube amp on the road before. I know tube amps are extremely fragile, and I'm worried about breaking it...
  11. Amps and Cabs
    Anybody intrigued by these amps? Yes it definitely can't replace a real tube amp but if you don't have the budget to maintain more than 1 tube amp, then would this be a fair shout? Has anyone tried the Tube Logic tech on the Roland Blues Cube?
  12. Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that Amplifiers Plus has moved to a new location. I am in Cambridge now, at 100 Sheldon Dr., Unit #33. Providing quality guitar and bass amp repairs for over 26 years now. Thanks
  13. Amps and Cabs
    NEW AMP DAY! I tried ignoring the local craigslist ad for this Sunn Solaris for 2 weeks, but the price was too good and nobody else was taking it. Both of those probably due to the fact that it was advertised as being in unconfirmable functional condition (” Fuse (and fuse casing) is blown...
1-13 of 13 Results