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    Hi ! I got a gibson LPM 2014 I'd like to trade. I realised I'd be nice to have some more variety since most of my guitars are now lp's. Mostly looking at fender strat's or tele's for a trade, maybe a gibson with p90's, or a decent semi hollow. I had an american special tele at some point, which...
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    Sold ty! <3
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    Hi everyone! This only my second message here. I might be in need of advice. I'm being offered a 1957 Gibson les paul special in a trade for a (mostly) fender American Lonestar strat, reassembled from different parts. Normally I'd jump on this, but a lot of the parts aren't original. Basically...
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    I have two guitars available for sale or trade. 1. Gibson Les Paul 2015 Deluxe Anniversary red, Dimarzio Tone Zone and P90 with SKB case. Cash price $2500 plus shipping. 2. Fender Stratocaster Plus 1993 black burst, Dimarzio Super Distortion S, kill switch, with OHSC. Original...