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  1. Searching for a sound!

    Electric Guitar
    Hi Everyone, I’m new to the Guitars Canada forum :). I’m looking for a certain sound that Eric Clapton was using in a performance with John Mayer in 2009. Unfortunately my ears aren’t skilled enough yet to pick up what exact sound he was using but I have lots of learning to do! It was his solo...
  2. Fuzz Advice / Check out my chain

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Hi all I’m new here. Session guitarist. I’m currently running a early built Victoria Bassman, stero into a Allen Accomplice Jr, built by Allen sold by @fogdart. i’m going to either be using my 69 SG special all original or my 59 Jason smith Masterbuilt Strat directly into the fuzz, into——...
  3. How do you like setting up your BOSS Katana for your own personal use?

    Amps and Cabs
    I'm completely aware of the BOSS Katana's extreme versatility. It can produce a wide variety of sounds while still feeling like a tube amp. This amp has a sound for just about anyone, from a scooped and bright Fender clean to a crunchy and midrange-heavy Plexi to a face-melting high gain 5150 or...
  4. Need Help Tone Pot Trouble

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey guys, I'm using this wiring diagram: 2H_5WSPL_1V_1T.pdf I'm using a 500k tone pot, but the pdf doesn't specify the value. Everything except the tone pot works great - the coil splitting, the hum bucking, etc. The tone pot has no discernable effect for 95% of its travel except very near...
  5. Working With Single Coils/Strats

    Electric Guitar
    I'm moving from a Les Paul/Humbucker sound to a strat/single coil sound and I've been having a bit of trouble rising above the mix for solos during jam nights, especially with other Les Paul players there. The strat (obviously, I guess) sounds a little thin in comparison. I understand that...
  6. Vacuum Cleaner Wire: Tone Secret?

    Amps and Cabs
    Every now and then I meet someone who says the best wire for speakers or for wiring amps is wire taken from old vacuum cleaners. Supposedly, copper that's carried a high current for a long time (decades) has more tightly bound electrons, or something. The gist is that old vacuum cleaners are a...
  7. Need some help with my guitar tone

    Electric Guitar
    Hey guys, I started my home recording projects last year, and been too busy thinking about mics, interfaces and softwares that I've been giving little thought to my guitar tone. Months ago I recorded some songs with my band and can't decide if my tone in the recordings is ''OK'' or downright...
  8. Klon KTR vs. Zoom Power Drive

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Had some time around the house today, so I thought I'd do a quick, spur of the moment blind test between an infamous classic and an underdog contender. Check it out, why don't you? W.