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    Please delete
  2. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Hi there, Looking for a good condition TK Imperial MkII or Sky King. Would also consider Suhr Bella. Please PM me with what you have. Thanks!
  3. Sold Items
    This is a rare, extremely clean, handwired (non circuit board) version of the Tone King flagship Sky King combo amp, designed and built by Mark Bartel. The build quality is outstanding, as shown in the photos. 1x12" 6L6 combo with a Celestion G12M. Dual channel (rythm, lead) with reverb, and 2...
  4. Sold Items
    Fantastic amp! Comes with footswitch and cable, very low hours on this amp! looking for $2850 or trades on other boutique gear!
  5. Sold Items
    For sale is a Tone King Metropolitan 1x12 combo. Recently serviced and freshly retubed, and sounds fantastic. I've had this amp before and traded it a while back, but recently got it back as part of another trade. However, I'm running short of space in my studio, and still have 3 other Tone...
1-5 of 5 Results