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  1. Guitar Parts
    If you’re reading this then you know what this is. Excellent condition, lots of lead wire. DC resistance reads 10.24k. $450 shipped.
    $450 CAD
  2. Electric Guitars
    Excellent condition All original 1 3/4” nut model Comes with Larrivee arched top case
    $2,100 CAD
  3. Electric Guitars
    Looking to trade for a Gibson , this is a partscaster , neck is from a 75 fender tele custom , body is a light weight warmoth body , bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan antiquity and the neck is a tonerider . Not too sure what the tuners,saddles and bridge are . I can send more detailed pics if...
    $1,700 CAD
  4. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi, I'm building a tele/parts-caster starting from a rather cheap body I got from a Canadian supplier. Only later in the game I realized the body had a humbucker cavity at the bridge, rather than the more traditional slanted single coil. I tried to fit an humbucker I removed from an Ibanez...
  5. Sold Items
    I am pleased to be offering a simply remarkable blackguard broadcaster/tele replica. This replica was an extremely well planned an executed project by someone much smarter than I. All extremely high end components came together creating a wonderful playing and sounding instrument. Beautiful...
    $1,599 CAD
  6. Electric Guitars
    Handmade by the talented @nnieman. Has a gorgeous, wonderful feeling, bigger neck made out from an old piano soundboard if I remember correctly. Sounds great - I've just had to admit I don't use telecasters. Comes in a fresh rectangle case. Seymour Duncan antiquity pickups and aged hardware...
  7. Sold Items
    Here's a really fine USA made Limited Edition ash body guitar that incorporates the best Strat and Tele features. Semi-transparent whiteguard finish (you can see the ash grain). The '51 Nocaster pickups are superb! The Alnico lll magnets make for a juicy tone that is never harsh. The neck pickup...
    $1,595 CAD
  8. For Sale Please delete

    Electric Guitars
    Please delete
    $0 CAD
  9. Sold Items
    Amazing tele, it’s a relic so maybe not for everyone but if you are searching for a super lightweight resonant tele with amazing C profile neck and primo parts..this one might become your number 1. MJT aged redwood pine tele body, Musikraft reliced neck with Fender cs tuners, Van Zandt tele...
    $1,375 CAD
  10. Sold Items
    Selling my killer MJT/Musikraft partscaster Tele to raise funds for a vintage piece of gear. Specs are in the photos. I’ve played it very little since buying from its original owner last summer. It’s absolutely decked out in every way. The neck is a lot like the neck on my PRS McCarty 594 (think...
    $1,400 CAD
  11. Guitar Parts
    I started accumulating some American Fender Telecaster parts in 2020 with the plan to build a really nice custom partscaster. My plans have since changed and I am now looking to move these along. Fender American Series Telecaster Bridge Assembly Fender Part #: 099-0807-100 Chrome bridge plate...
    $75 CAD
  12. Guitar Parts
    I started accumulating some American Fender Telecaster parts in 2020 with the plan to build a really nice custom partscaster. My plans have since changed and I am now looking to move these along. 2020 Fender American Performer Telecaster neck Tinted Maple with Rosewood fingerboard Modern "C"...
    $575 CAD
  13. Sold Items
    Capsule Bender MJT Tele Ash Body (Relic) Maple neck/ 52' neck shape 9.5 radius, Vintage tall frets Lollar Special-T pick-ups Right around 7lbs w/gig bag $1500 May consider trades
    $1,500 CAD
  14. Electric Guitar
    Need 25 posts to post in classifieds… so I guess I’ll stop lurking and post something. Here is my 6.9lb, 1953 Fender Telecaster, if I could only keep one guitar… it would be this one with no doubt in my mind.
  15. Sold Items
    Not everyone on this site is into relic guitars, but for those who are: This is a 2010 made and signed by Bill Nash in Dakota Red that I purchased in the US several years ago from original owner. Im moving in July so will likely have other guitars on the market in the next few weeks. That...
    $2,500 CAD
  16. Electric Guitar
    So, I got a black 2014 american standard stratocaster and just want to make sure it's legit. I'm not sure if I've seen american standard strats with these strap buttons? (apparently these were used only on american series stratocasters) .. Here's some pictures of the serial, neck stamp, and...
  17. Electric Guitar
    there’s this black american standard strat on kijiji. it’s from 2014. i’m pretty keen on buying. however, i checked online & it says strats from 2014 should all have a 60th anniversary neckplate. this one doesn’t have it. i’m not trying to buy a fake so if any of you can drop some insight, i’d...
  18. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Anyone have any experience with ESP tele necks? I can't really find much about them online and I am being offered one as a trade. Wondering if anyone has experience or advice
  19. Music
    Just arrived today — so beautifully done and possibly the nerdiest thing on the planet!
1-20 of 84 Results