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  1. FS: Fender Custom Shop 52’ Telecaster Heavy Relic (purple)

    I got the guitar from Andertons in May (total cost to me, including shipping, taxes & FX conversion was $6k CAD) & i absolutely love it. I’m only listing it to replace it with another CS tele that dropped into my radar. Here’s the Andertons video for the guitar, with all the specs etc: Mine is...
  2. Vintage Vibe CC Bridge PU

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    So I have a pretty intense love affair with Lollar's CC for Tele neck PU. I first put one in the neck of an anchor-heavy Classic Vibe tele. (Which was the best sounding of them all but I couldn't stop myself from messing with it until it wasn't. :0 ) But I also had an equally hard time...
  3. HNGD for Me - Dillion DRT-69 A 'Rosie' Tele Style

    Electric Guitar
    My new guitar just arrived- about an hour ago as I write this. The guitar is a Dillion DRT-69 A 'Rosie', which is a kind of nod towards and copy of George Harrison's Rosewood Telecaster. (see Photos and First Impressions below). I managed to get away with only paying $25.00 duty, for which I...
  4. Where Can I Find a Dillion DRT-69 A 'Rosie' (Tele) in Toronto?

    Electric Guitar
    The title says it all, really. I know that several members of the forum have Dillions, and given that there are no dealers in Canada who carry Dillions, I am curious about where you found yours, as I have GAS for the Dillion DRT-69 A 'Rosie', mainly because I want a T-style guitar, and because...
  5. Body and neck builder needed (guitar,bass)

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I am looking for a body and neck builder in Canada that can build a small amount on an ongoing basis for a reasonable fee. Any leads are appreciated.
  6. NGD - Fender Road Worn Telecaster - LE in Classic Copper

    Electric Guitar
    I've known about these for a while and I finally saw the right one pop-up for sale on Reverb. It was the right price too! And, truly a bonus, it weighs in at only 7 lbs and 1 oz. This is my first Road Worn guitar and I'm really enjoying the feel of it! I tend to baby my guitars quite a bit, so...
  7. NGD Tweed Top Esquire w/ 100 year pine “ol dirty”

    Electric Guitar
    Just acquired this via the wonders of kijiji. Previous owner put a Callaham parchment pickguard and potentially this Duncan lil 59 in the bridge. That pickup will be gone ASAP as I’m looking for a traditional country picker. Anyone know anything about this TDPRI builder? Seems to be MIA and...
  8. FS/FT: Nash TC-63

    When I ordered this guitar,I ordered it with some extra cost options,like the Lollar Imperial Humbucker in the neck position,and the Bigsby trem and corresponding bridge. This guitar is comfortable beyond belief,and has a sweet,ringing resonance that is complimented perfectly by these Lollars...
  9. Deciding between a Godin or Telecaster

    Electric Guitar
    Hey folks I'm new here. I searched threads but couldn't find any that specifically compared these guitars. If this is in the wrong place let me know or please move it! So basically I've had my heart set on a tele. Found a late 80's Fernandes Japan Telecaster with MJS pickups for $500 cad. Also...
  10. Never mind. Sorry

    Electric Guitar
    EDIT: I went over budget. It's not plain. That's what I went looking for. I thought I might be amusing. I wasn't. I'm sorry.
  11. Q : Repairing Damaged Tele Finish

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I've got a Fender '52 reissue tele with 2 issues: 1) a 7mm x 3mm chip exposing bare wood at the 2nd fret It likely got knocked - it's been stable for a few years: ========================================================= 2) I'll take full responsibility for this second one - seemingly...
  12. Help, Please: Which Tele Should I Buy?

    Electric Guitar
    Hi, Unfortunately for my wallet, I have decided that I need (not want, but need) a Tele. In terms of electrics, I am a late convert to Fenders; until about 5 years ago I only had my beloved LP, and several other Epis. But since that time I have owned 5 Strats (still have 3), and now I need a...
  13. Hand size, neck profiles & nut widths

    Electric Guitar
    Hope you folks can shed some light on this. The combo you see below is quite comfortable for me: But I read an article recently re skinny necks & how awful they are for chording, especially with larger hands. (I don't think my hands are large per-se, they are long-ish though.) Yet, I...
  14. NGD

    Electric Guitar
    Fender American Performer Tele in satin surf green. Tried to mod a tele years ago, installing an SD59. Never really got the balance or phasing to work right. Fender got it working for me. The Yosemite pickups sound great (even if it is a lame name) and the 'bucker can be split-coiled with a...
  15. Heads Up for Stolen Gear!

    For New Users
    Hey guys!! I am extending a massive SOS through London and all surroundings... On Friday (Feb 22), someone broke into my car and stole both my girls (guitars). They had been part of me since the very beginning. They were both taken out of the trunk of my van downtown London, ON in broad...
  16. NGD: "Clifford" Ayr Guitars Telecaster

    Electric Guitar
    @Ayr Guitars carved out a one-of-a-kind telecaster commissioned as a gift for my 30th birthday. Here is that guitar. Specs: - 1pc swamp ash body - flame maple neck - rosewood fretboard with MoP dot inlays - Nocaster inspired neck carve (Fender Thick "U" .980" at nut, 1" at 12th fret) - Kluson...
  17. Am I Crazy?

    Electric Guitar
    Hi Everyone, For some reason got GAS for a Tele a few weeks ago. Always used to hate them. Mind you, the same was true for Strats, and I have owned 5, and now have three. Anyway, I have been wanting to approximate the look of the wonderful, but incredibly...
  18. clarance white fender telecaster project nitro body

    Electric Guitar
    Hi I’m looking to build a b-bender tele similar to Clarance Whites 3 tone sunburst model. I’d like to purchase a nitro tele body and am going to install a Warmoth boatneck. Ive always liked fender American bodies, but does anyone have experience with MJT (light relic) guitar bodies or any...
  19. Montreal, Strat and Tele stolen in 2012 (California Series)

    Stolen Gear Registry
    2 guitars were stolen from my apartment on October 12th, 2012 1. Fender California Series Telecaster ''Fat Tele'': serial number : AMXN715177 Description: Yellow body, maple fretboard, chip next to A tuning key. Fender ''F'' logo backplate. Black Pickguard. Fender noiseless SCN pickup in...
  20. Repair Question I've come unhinged

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Loaned my Tele & flight case to a friend last year; here's the result. It's time I fixed it - Any advice on a repair strategy (besides taking it to the shop)? I'm thinking a) a rivet or two (my rivet gun does not need access to the back) b) epoxy c) ? I don't see taking out the case innards as...