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  1. FS: Fender Custom Shop 52’ Telecaster Heavy Relic (purple)

    I got the guitar from Andertons in May (total cost to me, including shipping, taxes & FX conversion was $6k CAD) & i absolutely love it. I’m only listing it to replace it with another CS tele that dropped into my radar. Here’s the Andertons video for the guitar, with all the specs etc: Mine is...
  2. Body and neck builder needed (guitar,bass)

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I am looking for a body and neck builder in Canada that can build a small amount on an ongoing basis for a reasonable fee. Any leads are appreciated.
  3. NGD Tweed Top Esquire w/ 100 year pine “ol dirty”

    Electric Guitar
    Just acquired this via the wonders of kijiji. Previous owner put a Callaham parchment pickguard and potentially this Duncan lil 59 in the bridge. That pickup will be gone ASAP as I’m looking for a traditional country picker. Anyone know anything about this TDPRI builder? Seems to be MIA and...
  4. FS/FT: Nash TC-63

    When I ordered this guitar,I ordered it with some extra cost options,like the Lollar Imperial Humbucker in the neck position,and the Bigsby trem and corresponding bridge. This guitar is comfortable beyond belief,and has a sweet,ringing resonance that is complimented perfectly by these Lollars...
  5. Help, Please: Which Tele Should I Buy?

    Electric Guitar
    Hi, Unfortunately for my wallet, I have decided that I need (not want, but need) a Tele. In terms of electrics, I am a late convert to Fenders; until about 5 years ago I only had my beloved LP, and several other Epis. But since that time I have owned 5 Strats (still have 3), and now I need a...
  6. Tokai Guitars Canada 2019 from Westcoast Guitars

    Electric Guitar
    Word has it that Westcoast Guitars in Vancouver Canada is the Tokai Dealer now. They posted a 2019 catalogue on their website for new Japan made Tokai's. They are selling the bolt on strat and tele styles as well as the Talbo and the old Hummingbird Reissues. This should be very cool...
  7. clarance white fender telecaster project nitro body

    Electric Guitar
    Hi I’m looking to build a b-bender tele similar to Clarance Whites 3 tone sunburst model. I’d like to purchase a nitro tele body and am going to install a Warmoth boatneck. Ive always liked fender American bodies, but does anyone have experience with MJT (light relic) guitar bodies or any...
  8. Back to Basics

    Electric Guitar
    2005 AVRI Custom Tele loaded with Lollar Special Ts and 1967 Transitional Tele all original. Tough to beat the simple aesthetic of a Tele.
  9. Build Thread Custom Telecaster, Guitar Build Diary

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi all, I'm starting a new custom Telecaster build. This guitar is for Blair (tomsy49) who's a member of this community. Here are some of the specs and photos of the woods that I'll use. Specs: body: three-piece African mahogany, expected thickness is a bit less than 1.5" top: book-matched...
  10. Fender Offset Telecasters NAMM 2016

    Electric Guitar
    Do you like offset guitars? Do you like Telecasters? Do you like your Teles to come from the official source? Then your blasphemous dreams have come true! Scroll down on this Reverb page to see some offset Telecasters from Fender announced at NAMM 2016.
  11. Lado TL80

    Lado TL80

  12. Pine Tele's

    Electric Guitar
    i believe submitted this earlier ! but wasn't really signed in ? Just wanting to hear ( read ) opinions on pine bodies . I've built three thus summer & am pleased with the results. I'm not a Luthier by any stretch but parts go together if you've had a little experience ! I'm 73 yrs young &...