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  1. Guitar Parts
    I started accumulating some American Fender Telecaster parts in 2020 with the plan to build a really nice custom partscaster. My plans have since changed and I am now looking to move these along. Fender American Series Telecaster Bridge Assembly Fender Part #: 099-0807-100 Chrome bridge plate...
    $75 CAD
  2. Guitar Parts
    I started accumulating some American Fender Telecaster parts in 2020 with the plan to build a really nice custom partscaster. My plans have since changed and I am now looking to move these along. 2020 Fender American Performer Telecaster neck Tinted Maple with Rosewood fingerboard Modern "C"...
    $575 CAD
  3. Guitar Parts
    Warmoth 1-piece Maple Tele Neck. Fatback vintage modern, 6100 frets, black corian nut, 1 11/16" wide. Gloss vintage finish. See Warmoth Spec attached. Was on an unfinished build I bought, but is essentially unplayed. I have put about 2 hours of playing time on it - enough to know the profile...
    $395 CAD
  4. Guitar Parts
    Hey Everyone, I am looking to buy some tele pickups. Ideally something in a 50's style. Would be interested in a set of Fender CS Nocasters (would pay $200 including shipping) or the 52 or 58 Original Vintage (would pay $125 shipped). If you have something boutique-y in that style your looking...
    $150 CAD
  5. Sold Sold

    Guitar Parts
    As the title says, a Don Mare S-Telly pickup in fantastic condition. These are difficult to come by. I asked Don to add the third wire for ground - so it's ready for 4-way or series/parallel wiring. Mint condition. 11 inches of lead wire. SOLD
    $300 CAD
  6. Guitar Parts
    $0 CAD
  7. Sold Items
    Bill Nash T52 model Telecaster built for Westcoast Guitars in 2016, BSB blackguard with a light relic. Lollar pickups, nice maple C neck, lightweight ash body. Nash faux gator case and hang tag. Asking $2200, no trades thanks. Located in Cannington, ON. Willing to meet/deliver within a...
    $2,200 CAD
  8. Sold Items
    Hey guys I have a few guitars up for sale or trade or trade/cash ! Please send me a email if anyone is interested [email protected] I can send more photos and give more details about each guitar as there are some replaced parts on the junior ( bridge / tuners ) and a story with the...
  9. Sold Items
    Selling my 2015 reliced MJT Telecaster Esquire. Professionally setup and it plays like a dream Specs: Neck pickup- ** Sold Bridge Seymour Duncan Hot-Rail Aged Bigsby B16 (come with custom Tele bridge) All American pots Clothed wiring Vintage tuners Med profile neck 7.25 radius, 21 med frets, C...
  10. Sold Items
    Trades - CS strat, ES335, suhr alt t pro 2011 Fender Custom Shop 100 year old Pine (110years old now) $3200 shipped in Canada. The Custom Shop 2011 Closet Classic Pine Telecaster Pro is a truly remarkable guitar, with a body fashioned from 100-year-old pine. This guitar features a lightly...
  11. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi there, I have a partscaster Tele that I am looking for compensated steel saddles for as opposed to brass. I was looking at Glendale saddles because they come highly recommended and they have a lot of options for material that I would want (ie, steel steel aluminum, brass steel aluminum etc)...
  12. Electric Guitar
    Been himming and hawing for a while now on adding a Thinline Tele to the mix. Was contemplating the MIM version. Is there enough difference in tone compared to the solid bodies to warrant the investment? Just kicking the tires right now but you never know.
  13. Electric Guitar
    Picked this up yesterday and love it! Super comfortable to play and sounds amazing. Love the neck carve and overall feel, so addictive, and the pickups are killer. Very light, weight-wise. Was looking for something different and this brings together a lot of things I like in an interesting...
  14. Sold Items
    Up for sale/trade is an mint suhr classic t pro! There is not a mark or scratch or ding on this guitar! Comes with ohsc! looking for trades on custom shop strats or 3100obo
  15. Electric Guitar
    Just had this beauty shipped from Oswald in the Netherlands. It was exactly what I was looking for, and the fit and finish are great! This guitar is still posted on his website if you want to look at specs. For a new handmade guitar it’s tough to beat his price. I initially learned about Nick...
  16. Sold Items
    I got the guitar from Andertons in May (total cost to me, including shipping, taxes & FX conversion was $6k CAD) & i absolutely love it. I’m only listing it to replace it with another CS tele that dropped into my radar. Here’s the Andertons video for the guitar, with all the specs etc: Mine is...
  17. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I am looking for a body and neck builder in Canada that can build a small amount on an ongoing basis for a reasonable fee. Any leads are appreciated.
  18. Electric Guitar
    Just acquired this via the wonders of kijiji. Previous owner put a Callaham parchment pickguard and potentially this Duncan lil 59 in the bridge. That pickup will be gone ASAP as I’m looking for a traditional country picker. Anyone know anything about this TDPRI builder? Seems to be MIA and...
1-20 of 29 Results