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    Q/Strip Got this nice little EQ today. HPF, LPF, 2 fully parametric mid bands. I got it to add some control to my beloved Traynor YBA 200 bass amp, but will undoubtedly use it with other instruments and when recording too. A bit spendy at 400 bucks, but I think I'll use it for years.
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    Selling a Tech 21 Trademark 60 with 3 Button Foot switch and They are great live, and great for recording with bedroom volumes. $350 Cash or Emt. NOW $299.00 NOW $275.00 More info: Overview Delivers legendary tube amp sounds. The 2-channel, 60W Tech 21 Trademark 60 Guitar Combo Amp gives you...
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    Suhr Rufus Reloaded (Fuzz/Octavio in one!) Super awesome fuzz/octavio from suhr. Amazing build quality, and incredible sound. Can achieve awesome hendrix style fuzz face tones, and even some gnarlier tone bender style tones. Hold the footswitch down and it turns on the Octavio circuit to get...