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  1. Acoustic Guitar
    Hi all, this is my first post on here but I'm hoping you could help me out with a decision! I've been playing a BT1 Baby Taylor since 2015 and I used to really love it, but I feel like the action has shifted or something's gone out of whack... it just hurts my hands so, so much. I have pretty...
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  3. Electric Guitars
    Bought in October. Mint condition! Sells for $4200 plus tax. Asking $3900 or trade (Full or partial) for Strat, Tele or Les Paul. Let me know what you got!
  4. Sold Items
    I’m asking for $1,900 including shipping with the courrier of your choice. Can be picked up in person in DT Toronto. PLEASE no low-ballers & trade offers. I’m moving soon and don’t have bandwidth to carry this with me, so I’d like to move it asap, hence the below-market price. 47mp hi-res...
  5. Acoustic Guitar
    Hi, I would like to replace the TUSQ saddle for fossilized walrus ivory on my Taylor 810ce 2015 to get better tone, clarity and volume. I know the pre-ban 1972 material is legal, however, I'm having a difficult time finding FWI in Canada. Before last year, it seems Bob Colosi was the man for...
  6. Acoustic Guitar
    I figured someone will want to jump on this, if it's still there: Taylor 810 Acoustic | Paul's Boutique
  7. Acoustic Guitar
    I made the mistake :-) of taking a peek at, a site I've heard much about but haven't really investigated. Well, 20 minutes later I made a purchase. Taylor GC4 2012 w/LR Baggs Element | Reverb Should be here by the end of the week! It is a Mother's Day gift for my wife...
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1-8 of 8 Results