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  1. The right guitar for a 70yr old beginner?

    Acoustic Guitar
    hey all, I’m looking for a guitar for my dad’s 70th, got it down to a takamine gd30 or a Yamaha fs800. I was about to buy the tak but then I started thinking that a dreadnought may not be ideal or most comfortable for someone just learning to play. I’m really torn; which would you get? Thanks!
  2. Ian there really a difference?

    Acoustic Guitar
    Hi out there, looking for some Takamine expertise. I’m looking at a decade old or more like new G530 and a new GD30. Is the construction and design of the GD30 any better really? The GD It’s got the pin less bridge and two piece saddle and the G530 has the traditional bridge and one piece...
  3. Takamine models, help needed

    Acoustic Guitar
    hey all, I’m looking at a few entry level takamines as a gift and not sure which to choose. The options are a 10-15 year old G530 (pin bridge and one piece straight saddle, spruce top) which has seen basically no use, a GS330S that’s about 10 years old and also has seen next to no use (pin...
  4. Takamine preamp substitution

    Acoustic Guitar
    Hey guys, I have a nylon Takamine CP132SC guitar that I love (it's beat to crap, but it was cheap and sounds great), but the old Accuracoustic preamp has always been dead. I managed to find a replacement on eBay, but it too doesn't work well. I've since read that these preamps are not...