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  1. Electric Guitars
    This is a vintage 1962 Airline model 7216 guitar with original black finish made in Chicago by National who also made guitars under the Supro brand and other names. It has (2) of the magic Vistatone single-coil pickups that have a wonderful full tone. The bridge pickup is original and the...
    $950 CAD
  2. New Member Introductions
    Looking for vintage Supros!!
  3. Sold Items
    This guitar is in fantastic shape and is one of the best playing harmony guitars Ive owned. Truly only getting rid of it to fund personnel for an EP for my band. Plays beautifully and stays in tune!!!! Pretty sure I have a generic hardshell case for it aswell.
    $900 CAD
  4. Sold Items
    Very good condition supro amp other than the amp handle leather is cracked ( handle still works ) , hoping to sell locally or close by as amp is pretty heavy to ship but may consider shipping .also Might consider the right trade for Gibson guitar .
    $1,200 CAD
  5. Sold Items
    Supro Keeley Custom 10 1970RK in Ottawa or environs, ideally. I found one on Kijiji last year and love it. Would happily make it a pair for my stereo rig.
1-6 of 6 Results