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  1. Suhr Classic Antique

    Suhr Classic Antique

    Suhr Classic Antique limited Edition S
  2. SOLD TRADED: Suhr S Antique Colour-on-Colour

    Up for grabs is a wonderful S style guitar from Suhr with a very cool finish over finish that was inspired by the sought after well-weathered paint jobs found on vintage instruments. These S models were only made in limited numbers between 2017 and 2018 (200 worldwide) and are no easy to come...
  3. FS: Suhr Classic T Tortoise Shell Pickguard $115

    Guitar Parts
    $115 No trades or negotiation on price, please. Price includes shipping for Canadian addresses (excluding YT, NU, and NWT). Brand new (never used) Suhr Classic T pickguard. Configuration: SS, right-handed guitar Please note the holes will not line up with your Fender Tele.
  4. Suhr PT100SE Review

    Amps and Cabs
    Cross post from me on Rig -Talk - About 3 months ago I picked up a like new Suhr PT100 SE from reverb. I play in P&W band at church, have a hobby basement recording studio, and too many musical projects on the go. I play wall of sound , shoegazer stuff, anything rock, as well as some emotional/...
  5. 2017 gibson j-45 standard in vintage burst

    For New Users
    hi looking to trade my like new gibson j-45 standard in vintage burst ... looking for a les paul standard or custom shop guitars, boutique etc something nice .. i also have one of the most killer playing and sou ding 2017 fender american professional telecasters.. a real beauty must see and hear...
  6. Canadian Signature guitar love

    Electric Guitar
    i dont know of many, Canadian guitarists with a signature lets share some love... Ian Thornley, announcd at NAMM 2017... Suhr signature guitar... And since i think the first picture isnt showing...