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  1. Headed to the studio Sunday, my friends lent me some amps

    Amps and Cabs
    Vintage Sunn Scepter, vintage modded Hiwatt DR (not sure of model - 100W though). That is my Marshall JCM800 412 with G12-65's (not the G12T-75's which other JCM800 cabs came with). I briefly tried out the Sunn before posting - it sounds big, and that was on 1. I'm really excited to hear...
  2. Any Sunn owners here?

    Amps and Cabs
    As the band gears up to go into the studio, I'm trying to find some cool amps to blend with the marshalls. An acquaintance of mine owns two Sunn heads, one of which is a first gen model T. He described it, I felt the GAS pangs haha. I know these amps are very popular in the stoner/doom world...
  3. 2007 LP Studio

    2007 LP Studio

  4. Gibson Les Paul Studio mods - need advice

    Electric Guitar
    Hey guys - I have my 2010 Studio FT in the For Sale section and just was wondering about modding the existing guitar because I do like many thing about. What I would like changed is the neck pickup (too muddy and bass heavy) and I'd love the neck profile to be thinner and more like a 60's...