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  1. Electric Guitars
    Beautifully preserved 1973 Stratocaster hardtail in mocha brown with black pickguard (I believe the body is alder). All original, never modified. This guitar has the original 3-pole switch with white top hat knobs. The fretboard is finished in rosewood on maple neck and the frets were dressed...
    $5,400 CAD
  2. Electric Guitars
    As seen in the Andertons video below (not this exact guitar but same model and colour) here is a 2019 Fender MIJ Japan Modern HH Stratocaster in Mystic Ice Blue with the original gig bag. I think this model only made it to North America as an import from Japan or Europe. This guitar is in...
    $1,700 CAD
  3. Electric Guitars
    Bought brand new from L&M last summer, practically mint condition with OHSC and all case candy Ideally looking to trade for a Fender American Original 60s Strat in Shell Pink or sonic blue but would consider other Fender American Strats in similar pastel colours with a rosewood fingerboard...
  4. Sold Items
    Here's a very nice 2009 Fender Road Worn 60s Strat, made in Mexico. I guess it's one of the "first generation" specs that started in 2008/2009. This one has the rosewood fingerboard which some players prefer, unlike the pau ferro ones in use now. Plays really well with the tall 6105 frets and...
    $1,350 CAD
  5. For Trade SOLD Sold

    Sold Items
    I decided to put this up for sale as well as for trade, but couldn't choose both prefixes when editing. I have a Fender American Professional II Strat that I am looking to trade for a Tele. I will also sell it for $1700. There are no issues with the Strat and it is in mint shape, it is just...
  6. Electric Guitar
    Hey guys, I have a 2009 Fender Stratocaster HSS Deluxe. Years ago, I swapped the bridge pickup (Fender DH-1) out for a Seymour Duncan TB-4 (JB) with great results. Now, I'm interested in changing out the noiseless single coil pickups for somethings that'll get me closer to that quintessential...
  7. Sold Items
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD I bought this last year and it is one of the nicest Strats I've ever touched. The Wildwood 10 Fender guitars are really great with the 10" radius and the 6105 frets. It is resonant as hell and fun to play, but I keep trying Strats and eventually moving them on, which I guess...
    $4,000 CAD
  8. Electric Guitar
    Got this one a little while back. Finally did a photoshoot of her. It is my #1 strat. Ash body, slab board neck, original blonde finish. Leo really knew what he was doing at the time when JFK was running for president. If anyone has any questions about buying a vintage pre-cbs strat, happy to...
  9. Sold Items
    The Tidewater Custom Shop started with a USA Fender '62 reissue neck. This neck was radiused to 9.5" and refretted with Stainless Steel jumbo frets (and it plays perfectly!). The body is ash and finished in aged/relic-ed sonic blue. Featherweight guitar at 6lb 14oz!!! The Callaham bridge has the...
    $1,495 CAD
  10. Electric Guitars
    Recent fret leveling. No buzzing. plays perfectly. I've recently connected with a certain tele and now my other guitars sit. You may see more from me shortly. Trades would include teles! especially pro series II teles.
  11. Sold Items
    2019 Fender American Professional Stratocaster in Olympic White w. maple fretboard. Weighs 7.8lbs. I had the pickguard changed to genuine fender tortoise shell and will include the stock white 3-ply guard. Recently setup at L&M with NYXL 10-46's. Comes with OHSC, COA and candy. With a...
    $0 CAD
  12. Kijiji Alerts
    For sale by a good friend of mine in Toronto. Trust worthy guy who I’ve exchanged a lot of gear with over the years. I have played this guitar myself; it’s a great instrument and has everything you’d expect in a pre-cbs strat. TBH this guitar would not be on the market if I were not buying a...
  13. Sold Items
    Awesome MJT Strat build, lightweight and resonant - lots of mojo! Punches way over its price point. Purchased off of a fellow forum member who built it. See details below. Located in Cannington, ON. Looking for $1100 plus shipping - no trades thanks! Comes with Fender soft shell case/gig bag...
    $1,100 CAD
  14. Electric Guitar
    Here’s another one, my #1 strat… 1960 slab board in original translucent blonde over ash (7.3lb).
  15. Electric Guitar
    So, I got a black 2014 american standard stratocaster and just want to make sure it's legit. I'm not sure if I've seen american standard strats with these strap buttons? (apparently these were used only on american series stratocasters) .. Here's some pictures of the serial, neck stamp, and...
  16. Electric Guitar
    there’s this black american standard strat on kijiji. it’s from 2014. i’m pretty keen on buying. however, i checked online & it says strats from 2014 should all have a 60th anniversary neckplate. this one doesn’t have it. i’m not trying to buy a fake so if any of you can drop some insight, i’d...
  17. Sold Items
    Excellent condition. Upgrades include a Wilkinson bridge, locking tuners, and American Standard string trees. Comes with hardshell case.
    $650 CAD
  18. Guitar Parts
    I am looking for a mid-70's original stratocaster pick guard. Please let me know if you have one lying around and you are interested in moving it on. Thanks, Marc
    $1 CAD
1-20 of 87 Results