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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! Glad to be here! I haven't been playing all that long (months) but I've been pretty lucky so far. I have a Godin Solidac, a Washburn Strat and a Gibson Maestro SG (made in China). My Gibson is crap, my Washburn is decent and my Godin is incredible! I'm looking forward to some...
  2. Electric Guitar
    Hey, anyone hear of Rocko guitars? I have a rocko stratocaster copy, black with a maple neck and matching headstock. The serial number is stamped on the neck. I cant find absolutely anything about this. It is a nice guitar to play, solid wood body, not sure what wood. If anyone has anyhing...
  3. Electric Guitar
    I couldn't resist. Great price, sweet curves, great platform. Thinking I'll put HB's in there from Onamac windery,(Kerry Learned who just built 20 special order pickups for billy gibbons). What style of pickguard you think will work well with this finish? Supposedly it's the top of the line...
1-3 of 3 Results