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  1. Custom Strat Build - Local Toronto Builder

    Electric Guitar
    IMG-20190319-WA0002 - Body IMG-20190314-WA0006 - Neck IMG-20190314-WA0011 - headstock with gold pearloid tuners IMG-20190314-WA0012 - headstock 2 IMG-20190314-WA0005 - fretboard Just wanted to share something that I'm really excited about. A local builder from Toronto-Brampton named Daniel...
  2. Lefty Trem on a Righty Strat

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Looking to have a bit of fun doing a Relic on a Squire Strat, make an SRV copy... well THR... eBay seller sells custom letters upon request so, my guitar my initial. :D Dropping a lefty trem into a pre-routed hole for a righty trem... anything need done? I don't have a lefty trem to check...
  3. Build Thread Converted Old Traynor to Steel String Singer

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Since I had a couple of these big YGL-Mark 3s and this one was quite messed with before I got it, I decided to build it into a Dumble style Steel String Singer. I was hoping I would save money by using the existing transformers, cab, chassis, and some of the old random components like pots...