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  1. Electric Guitar
    Been himming and hawing for a while now on adding a Thinline Tele to the mix. Was contemplating the MIM version. Is there enough difference in tone compared to the solid bodies to warrant the investment? Just kicking the tires right now but you never know.
  2. Sold Items
    Squire Classic vibe Strat: Made in China Fender brand locking tuners Gotoh 6 point 510 bridge Bone nut Fishman fluence SSS strat set noiseless pickups. Fishman Battery pack (usb cable included) Looking for something more on the metal side of things, will trade for a jackson/Ibanez/PRS SE...
  3. Electric Guitar
    hey all, I’m looking at a jv 62 export model, wondering if anyone knows how I can tell if it’s got the 7.25” or 9.5” radius and what size the frets would be. Thanks!
  4. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Was looking at a few Squires online, and a decent Jay Turser, but not a fan of the headstock. Wanted to get something cheap, and customize to how I want it. Nothing over the top and expensive, mostly cosmetic and a bit of hardware, like a set of vintage style pickups and maybe a bit of bridge...
1-4 of 4 Results