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  1. Sold Items
    Have a porter vintage custom stratocaster set I'm not using. You can view the details here: . Magnets are reliced and bridge pickup has a base plate. Set will come with pickup covers. Looking for $175 but will consider...
  2. Sold Items
    $180 EMT shipped within Canada (CP Expedited tracked and insured). Perfect condition Celestion G12H30, 30Watts, 12 inches, 8 Ohms speaker. Pulled from amp I just sold unloaded.
  3. Sold Items
    $300 EMT shipped (Canada Post Expedited within Canada) tracked & insured. Works perfectly, just pulled from an amp I sold unloaded. Will ship same or next day.
  4. Sold Items
    Avantone Mix Cube Monitor (Active), with power supply. Perfect for checking your mix in mono, and revealing midrange issues. $275 EMT shipped CP Expedited from Vancouver. In near mint condition.
  5. Sold Items
    Have an ev 12l classic 16ohm for trade or sale. Great condition. Tougher to come by in this impedance. Looking for a scumback m75, avatar m65 and fane a60. Or $225 obo. Let me know what ya got. More pics available.
  6. Amps and Cabs
    Hi all, I'm trying to pinpoint the type and year of a speaker and can't seem to find it. I was offered an amp in trade and am considering it, but want to make sure it's all original. Any ideas on what this one is? Cheers.
  7. Sold Items
    Looking for a celestion ruby. Let me know if you have one you are looking to move. Thanks!
  8. Amps and Cabs
    So having recently blown the vintage ATC speaker in my HIWATT Custom 50 combo, I have become fascinated with the nuances of the speaker world. I’m personally looking at high powered speakers to satisfy the amp, but would love to hear what others have experienced and recommend! Vintage or...
  9. Derrick Bell 2x12 - SOLD!!

    Selling this awesome unloaded Derrick Bell open back 2x12. The bigger size definitely helps retain more low end thump. Derrick makes amazing high quality speaker cabinets. I have decided to go a different direction and no longer need this one. The cabinet is in great condition other than a...
  10. Amps and Cabs
    I don't see much information out there on vintage Marsland speakers used in guitar amps, so I thought I'd put my two cents in. I found a pair of perfect condition Marsland Princess Ten speakers in an old home-built stereo system, so I pulled them and tried them in my Peavey Delta Blues 210 amp...
  11. Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Hey guys... was looking to upgrade my amp, but the ones I want are outta budget and/or not finding any used for sale around here. Started to look at the idea of building a nice cab, and adding an amp, preamp and power supply to it. Master volume and nothing else.... just a powered 50w(ish) 12"...
  12. Amps and Cabs
    I was told by an amp tech I really respect that I shouldn't even mess around with anything but Celestion. That they are worth the premium and will save money in the long term given that I'll likely be happy with the sound and not want to change them for something else. He said there's a reason...
  13. Amps and Cabs
    Yup. It's true. Just got a pine, open back 1x12 cab loaded with a Weber alnico blue dog 50watt speaker. Took it to practice last night and played it at volume. It put a smile on my face. Not as "crisp" as a ceramic. A bit more "fuzzy" on the edges, if you will, but in a good way. Adds to...
  14. Amps and Cabs
    I have a Traynor YGM1 on whichI want to change the original Marsland speaker for something new. I have the 4 machine screws out but the speaker won't budge. I'm worried they glued the speaker in as well as using screws (belt and suspenders?). But that doesn't make sense from a maintenance...
  15. Amps and Cabs
    Hi! Does anyone know how many watts these can handle? I pulled it from an old Lifco Supreme combo and thought of building a 1x15 box for it. Would a Traynor YBA1 be too much for it? There are model stamps on the bell: EMC1500 and DWC6. Can't seem to find too much about these...
1-15 of 15 Results