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speaker cabinet
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    Benson 1x12 Guitar Cabinet, striped finish. Very high quality lightweight compact cab hand built by Benson Amps in Oregon. $700 EMT shipped within Canada from Vancouver. $650 local deal. Contains a 12" Celestion G12H speaker. 17" wide, 10" deep, 19" tall.
  2. Sold Items
    If you know, you know! Mint condition THD 2x12 guitar cabinet loaded with the original speakers. They are THD’s branded Celestion Vintage 30 and a Celestion Lead 80 that are pre broken in. This cabinet has a bass reflex port on the back which gives you the airyness of an open back cabinet, but...
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    According to my knowledge, 2x12 cabinets are popular with rock guitarists today, however the lightest 2x12 cabinet I can find that's still available in stores is 48lb, and anything above 41lb is a struggle for me. Also, my sound requires a Celestion speaker (unless it's the BOSS Katana speaker...
1-3 of 3 Results