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  1. Electric Guitar
    Hi Everyone, I’m new to the Guitars Canada forum :). I’m looking for a certain sound that Eric Clapton was using in a performance with John Mayer in 2009. Unfortunately my ears aren’t skilled enough yet to pick up what exact sound he was using but I have lots of learning to do! It was his solo...
  2. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    So... almost done my Frankencaster... body was found in the trash, old '90s Yamaha RGX220. Pickups I tested on the multimeter and seemed to be ok so kept those. Rest of the pots and switches were trashed... push/pull was broken on one, other was rusty. I used a diagram from Seymour Duncan...
  3. Acoustic Guitar
    instead of a sound-hole and pick-guard, how about a pick-hole. a hole in the shape of a pick-guard in the same location as where the pick-guard would be. Seems like an obvious alternative but I have yet to see one. It seems surreal like a Magritte painting- you know, the guy walking with an...
1-3 of 3 Results