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  1. Any electric guitar players here that don't use a pic?

    Electric Guitar
    It's been a couple of years since I stopped using a pic and I definitely feel more connected to the guitar. My playing is slower but more expressive I feel. But I have lost some of the "speed" I had and alternate picking is probably the hardest. Something like what Jimmy Page does on...
  2. If you pick just one, who is your favourite guitarist, and what is their best work?

    Electric Guitar
    I was talking to High/Deaf about this and thought "This would make a good thread!" because there is no right or wrong answer here and nobody can say otherwise but feel free to say what you love about their work. As long as it's your favourite and it inspires you, it is the correct answer no...
  3. Hi! Give me your opinion about my video

    Hi, I recorded this solo I just composed. It is a short video and I would love to hear your opinion. And it would be nice if you hit 'like'. ;)
  4. Pop Rock Guitar Solo

    The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    Hello ! Here's my new video :) It's a pop rock guitar solo. I really enjoy trying out different styles. Hope you like it ! My youtube channel : Philippe Paquet