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  1. Electric Guitar
    Hi there. I've got a vintage Hagstrom HIIN with a serial number of 829020. I'm guessing it's the 20th of 200 guitars made in 1972? It's got an aftermarket Bigsby and non original tuners. Cheers
  2. Electric Guitar
    Hi everyone, I am new to be here and happy to find a forum for guitar lovers. I just recently bought a Gibson Les Paul Classic in translucent cherry red. It's a great guitar and I love it but I am confused as to when it was made/how old it is? I tried a few sites online where you enter the...
  3. Forum Rules and Paid Subscriptions
    Hi I have a Hagstrom cherry red electric guitar that has been in a case for several decades. Belonged to a family member. Serial number 809067. Any info re: year, model, style, worth etc would be a great help. Thank You.
1-3 of 3 Results