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  1. Sold Items
    Here's a wonderful recent Collings I-30 LC semi-hollow archtop in aged sunburst finish and Throbak P90s. This is a difficult combination of specs to find. It's in excellent condition with some very light play wear. Frets are in excellent condition. It's a lightweight at 5lbs 3oz. The aged...
    $6,900 CAD
  2. Sold Items
    It is an attractive guitar! This 78 355 ES-TDSV has been lovingly cared for throughout its life. I am selling it for a friend’s widow, and i hope it goes to a good home. In very clean original condition, the especially good news is that it has already been converted to mono, so the buyer doesn’t...
    $6,250 CAD
  3. Electric Guitar
    Good day, I've been considering adding an ES-339 to my 'flotilla' of electric guitars and am looking to Forum members who may own one of these for your impressions. I finally bought an ES-335 about a year ago after much 'lusting' over a Gibby semi-hollow, but ended up moving it along as I found...
  4. Electric Guitar
    Hello Canadians- I grew up in USA only about 10 miles from Canada and spent a lot of time there as a Kid...great People and Country. And now I am very interested in the Prestige Semi Hollow Guitars from Vancouver especially the Musician Pro Single Cutaway and the Musician Double Cutaway which...
1-4 of 4 Results