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  1. Okanagan Guitar Show April 2018

    Guitar, Amp and Gear Shows in Canada
    Welcome to Okanagan Guitar Show Hi everyone - just heard of this event coming up in Peachland BC April 7th 2018 Cheers, Jim
  2. Gear Sale Finds

    Electric Guitar
    Some great finds in this Reverb gear sale. A lot are actually from Axe...and You Shall Receive in Brantford :) Back To School Sale
  3. The Life & Death of Noise Supply, Or: How I Learned to Say Goodbye and Give You Discounts

    Dealer Emporium
    Hey folks, The Coles Notes is this: we are closing the online store at the end of the month. But this also means discount codes to clear out inventory. If you have a question about why Noise Supply is closing, who the heck Noise Supply even is, or just want to reminisce in all that is/was...