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  1. HNGD for Me - Dillion DRT-69 A 'Rosie' Tele Style

    Electric Guitar
    My new guitar just arrived- about an hour ago as I write this. The guitar is a Dillion DRT-69 A 'Rosie', which is a kind of nod towards and copy of George Harrison's Rosewood Telecaster. (see Photos and First Impressions below). I managed to get away with only paying $25.00 duty, for which I...
  2. Where Can I Find a Dillion DRT-69 A 'Rosie' (Tele) in Toronto?

    Electric Guitar
    The title says it all, really. I know that several members of the forum have Dillions, and given that there are no dealers in Canada who carry Dillions, I am curious about where you found yours, as I have GAS for the Dillion DRT-69 A 'Rosie', mainly because I want a T-style guitar, and because...