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  1. Allo from Montreal

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    Hello From MTL, Born in NB, moved to NS, now in Mtl - going to be back in NS eventually! A drummer (read as just a guy that plays most things) with a string instrument habit! I play bass in my current band, main bass is that lovely Feb '77 Rickenbacker 4001 in Maple - Flat Wound Back...
  2. Stolen Equipment!!

    Stolen Gear Registry
    I would greatly appreciate it if everyone kept their eyes open for any of these instruments. These were all stolen from me in Vernon BC. If you see them please report to the police or contact me. I am absolutely devastated that my family and I have lost everything that we had worked so hard to...
  3. Does anyone know where to rent a 12 string electric in BC?

    Electric Guitar
    I called long and mcquade but all they have is acoustics...