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  1. Sold Items
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  2. Guitar Parts
    Edit I am going to update the photo, but I found the Chrome rings and screws for these. $125 shipped. I am located in Orangeville if anyone wanted to do pickup. I make my way over to Guelph on weekends as well, and I'd meet someone partway if they were coming from Toronto or from the East of...
    $125 CAD
  3. Electric Guitar
    Hi folks, You have or had an Eastsider T, I'm interested to get your inputs. Was a bit surprised at the price considering they are made in Korea, but they look interesting spec wise, built with what seems to be quality components and a well thought out design... Trying to find out if they are...
  4. Electric Guitar
    Get in touch if you do!
  5. Electric Guitar
    So the Winter NAMM 2016 Best in Show was announced and one of the guitar related winners was the James Valentine Signature Guitar from Ernie Ball Music Man. The other was the Reverend Billy Corgan Signature Model. This video gives a bit more insight into what the judges were thinking. It...
1-5 of 5 Results