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    1976 LES PAUL STANDARD, Original Humbuckers put back in for Sale with generic covers, New Tuners last year, I had Bare Knuckle "MULES" in it and it was amazing - if you want the Mules contact me. Stock Pickups re-installed and they are MUCH better than I remember! Maple Neck, 10.7 lbs Naturally...
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    Putting feelers out there for interest in this sweet guitar I bought from another forum member late 2019. Thinking of selling because I just pulled the trigger on a Nick Oswald Tele. $1650 OBO EMT in Canada, comes with brand new Profile Tweed case (tags still on it). A “period correct” F-style...
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    Here's my awesome Rosser Stratocaster. Beautifully made, perfectly aged body and neck. Gotoh bridge and tuners. Comes with a molded fender hard case. Super light, literally weighs about 6 pounds. Has Wizard pickups out of Ottawa Ontario, think 59' through 61' strat. Best strat I've ever played...
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    Neck previously listed sold. GE101TS Aged Chrome Relic Series Vintage Style Tremolo Guitar Bridge Paid $125 for it at SOLO Music just before Christmas. $100 Cdn. Shipped in Canada SOLD
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    When I ordered this guitar,I ordered it with some extra cost options,like the Lollar Imperial Humbucker in the neck position,and the Bigsby trem and corresponding bridge. This guitar is comfortable beyond belief,and has a sweet,ringing resonance that is complimented perfectly by these Lollars...
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    Who do you like for custom refinishing in the Toronto / GTA region? I've got a nice '57 reissue Strat that I've enjoyed for a number of years. It shows some wear now. I was thinking of either accelerating the aging process with a light to medium relic treatment, or cleaning it up.
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    Anyone selling any relic'ed mint green or cream Relic'ed pickguards?
  9. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi! Quick question! Can anyone help me find a Canadian company/shop that does relic'ed strat hardware? I'm basically looking for relic'ed gold hardware with pearloid tuners a la the John Mayer Black1 - Google Image Result for Thank...
  10. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hey guys... kinda the "in" thing now, making new hardware look old... anyone got some relics they've done and want to show off? Maybe mention which method was used? Looking online now and so many methods, be nice to see how some of them turned out. Was thinking the muriatic acid vapour method...
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    Looking to have a bit of fun doing a Relic on a Squire Strat, make an SRV copy... well THR... eBay seller sells custom letters upon request so, my guitar my initial. :D Dropping a lefty trem into a pre-routed hole for a righty trem... anything need done? I don't have a lefty trem to check...
  12. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I have a project guitar, basic made in China Squier, that I want to strip down and upgrade, give it a vintage (not relic) look. Basically how it would look after 50yrs if it were kept in good shape... I don't plan to srape, sand and 'relic' the paint or anything, though I may dull up a chrome a...