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    Pro Audio
    Purchased this July 2nd and seriously only used it twice because I purchased expensive mic modelling, so all my Mics have to go. Its in pristine condition. Original box. As far as I have been told these are on backorder everywhere. I paid...
  2. SOLD SOLD*** Audio Interface ***SOLD

    Pro Audio
  3. Guitar cab iso room

    Recording and PA Lounge
    i don't use impulses or amp sims, as i would rather my recordings reflect what i have, so With the current state of affairs, i havent had an amp on since before march break...and am itching to get some ideas down...even with the amp on 3 its too loud, so im told I was thinking of building a...
  4. SOLD The Studio Projects B1 condenser microphone

    Pro Audio
    Perfect conditon with shockmount and original packaging The Studio Projects B1 condenser microphone Excellent sounding mic for the price The Studio Projects B1 $100 + shipping
  5. SOLD RODE NT-3 - Hyper-cardioid Condenser Mic SOLD

    Pro Audio
    RODE NT-3 - Hyper-cardioid Condenser Mic Comes with clip and pouch. Perfect condition. With tax new $428.00 Asking $200 plus shipping.
  6. Recording in March, looking for gear

    The Open Mic (Non Music Related)
    *NO LIVE USE* Are any of our GTA members interested in lending us cool/unique equipment to use on LP3? We would greatly appreciate it! "Musician friends. In roughly 7 weeks, we (Sparrows) are leaving to record. I’m looking to see if any friends are willing to lend out some gear for 2-3 weeks...
  7. For Alex - Gear Used for the Sparrows "Let The Silence Stay Where It Was" tracking

    Ok, I'm not going to get all of this right but here we go: Guitars: Fender telecasters (a bunch): American Standard (pickup swap?) Rosewood model (rosie) Blacktop with JB (I think) Epiphone Baritone ES-335 (not sure if this made final cuts, envisioning guitar rack in my head) PRS: Custom 22...
  8. Izotope launch new Pro Audio Essentials education site

    Recording and PA Lounge
    I am a huge fan of Izotope, owning and using most of their products daily. They have been ramping up their education resources. all offered free of charge. I highly recommend anyone interested in audio recording or processing visit here: Got What It Takes To Be A Music Producer? Pro Audio...
  9. Recording a vocalist who can't sing

    Recording and PA Lounge
    Ok, in an effort to archive some of the really good personal and real folk songs written over the course of 30+ years and in an effort to get better at recording, mixing and mastering I am spending my Wed evenings recording my friend in my little studio. He has a real authentic gravel voice...
  10. Check out this original track my friend and I created. Hope you enjoy!

    Electric Guitar
    2 metalworks students make a new metal/punk/rap track... completely original and recorded and produced by one of the students. Come check it out on youtube and share it if you enjoyed it! Michael darolfi and PrasK - Other side official audio either copy and paste this link in a new tab or...