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  1. RARE: 1989 Fender Deluxe American Standard Strat in Graffiti Yellow

    Electric Guitar
    Wow, this is an incredibly rare gem (sure to be quite the collectible with time). Some history... In 1989, Fender introduced Deluxe American Standard Strat, and discontinued them in 1990. It is estimated that only 400 instruments were produced (making this Graffiti Yellow version even more...
  2. Just discovered 'Guitarz' - longest running guitar blog

    Electric Guitar
    So I've just spent the better part of several evenings pouring over a blog I discovered called 'Guitarz'. I've worked my way back to 2012 so far. I bet a lot of people here would enjoy it too. It has a number of authors, one of whom is Canadian. He may even be a member here (If so - please...