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  1. Figuring out the Triple Crest

    The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    Thanks to a demo video and some IR's, I've added the Triple Crest (mesa triple crown) to my high gain preset on the axe fx. I have my PRS S2 singlecut in C standard, the TC3 model, big reverb and a touch of delay on the intro lead. The bass is my modded aerodyne and my bass preset (goes from...
  2. FS/FT: 1992/93 Fender MIJ St62SS Stratocaster

    Great strat, a SS version meaning “smart size” 85% of a full strat size. Smaller scale length and slightly smaller body. A very well built guitar for the money. Comes with flight case. -22.7 scale -Vintage radius -40mm nut width Only one small ding/blemish in the finish edge (seen in pictures)...
  3. PRS SE factory tour

    interesting to see th fret and nut differences... I haven't played a 'real' PRS before, but i have played a couple SE's...and they've been pretty good!
  4. PRS Silver Sky ? Another Strats?

    Electric Guitar
    Looks like another Strats of some sort, it feel likes something else. This guitar has most things right in the Strats camp but the ‘headstock’ seems to be annoyed loads Fender diehard fanboys. There is something special about this axe that goes beyond specs and designs. It’s well balanced and...
  5. Should I get a PRS?

    Electric Guitar
    I've been trying to decide on a guitar to buy for a while and I think i want a PRS SE custom 24. They are somewhat affordable from what ive heard they are really nice guitars. My dad has a very nice Fender Strat that i really enjoy playing but the only thing i would change about that guitar is...
  6. NAMM: PRS Introduces the Sonzera

    Amps and Cabs
    Dual channel design, two 6L6 power tubes, three 12AX7 and one ECC83 preamp tubes, a 12" Celestion model speaker and global reverb and presence knobs. This thing is the real deal:
  7. Belated NGD!

    Electric Guitar
    Recently, I was browsing the classifieds here on GC when I came across a group of extremely fine guitars being sold by our own @TCMfan. Curious, I clicked the listing and scrolled down... Ah, damn... I was greeted by this lovely lady, staring at me longingly from the depths of my screen. I...
  8. PRS - Used Paul Reed Smith Value

    Electric Guitar
    New to buying and selling guitars, and trying to determine what's a good deal. Paul Reed Smith is, of course, on the high end of the spectrum—at a glance, these offers look great! Am I overlooking something? 1993 PRS Standard 24 for $1,195 Paul Reed Smith Standard 24 (best price on Reverb!)...
  9. PSA: 2015 PRS McCarty (dent sale) $1500

    Electric Guitar
    Acceptable wedding gifts include: PRS MCCARTY DENT SALE SN 220299 I really really wish I could. Someone jump on this. There is a TGS run 10 top/rosewood neck discounted for $3500 too, but this is a little more enticing ;)
  10. NGD: S2 content

    Electric Guitar
    So, this is my last PRS for a long time :P After about 4 months of waiting, my S2 Singlecut Standard Satin (S4?) has arrived. I took it out of the box at L&M yesterday after work, gave it a quick inspection and came home. This is the new touring second guitar, since I've realized that...
  11. PRS has a new McCarty model

    Electric Guitar
    PRS Guitars McCarty 594 I like the stoptail, not 100% sold on the upper horn switch (placement makes sense, but just like on an LP it might get hit). I believe our very own Alex had one of these not too long ago. Thoughts, opinions?
  12. Natural light, PRS

    Natural light, PRS

    I love the finish of my PRS Artist V and natural light helps bring out the grain. Taken with my Nexus 5.
  13. PSA: PRS Custom 22 (stoptail) Toronto - $1100

    Electric Guitar
    would if I could, but I don't have that much in the ole gear account! (would accept as a wedding gift ;)) Tobacco burst, 10-top, dimarzio crunchlab in bridge, potentially missing the...
  14. I think I might have a slight problem...

    Electric Guitar
    I keep finding PRS' that somehow manage to invade my house! MJF$# :D I picked up a '13 PRS 408 from Fred (Chitmo) yesterday on trade, and figured I'd post up a family pic. From left to right is my '07 PRS SC245, the 408, my '12 DGT (the #1) and my '08 DGT (with 57/08s installed). I'd get better...
  15. I have GAS (PRS content)

    Electric Guitar
    2016 begins just how 2015 ended: "do I keep this guitar?" goes through my head haha. I have the 2011 artist V I picked up from FatherJacques - it's a gorgeous guitar. Ebony board, MoP perfling, artist grade woods, artist V pickups... it's a little rocket. But it has a trem. They made them...
  16. NGD: PRS Modern Eagle

    Electric Guitar
    Well, I got my first PRS: a 2011 SC 250 Modern Eagle. It came with everything (case candy, documentation, hang tags, etc.) but the best part is the suede case. I don't know why I waited so long. PS - Does anyone know what this colour is called? Thank you. PRS Modern Eagle by JethroTech...
  17. It's a PRS Christmas (an embarrassment of riches)

    Electric Guitar
    It's been an absolutely amazing couple of weeks for me for new guitar acquisitions... First, this came up for sale locally and I grabbed it, as I'd always wanted one : A PRS Hollowbody II Singlecut 10 Top in Solana Burst, with 57/08 pickups and probably the best sounding piezo pickup...
  18. NGD... ish

    Electric Guitar
    NGD x3 (or... Will just wanted to fit in with the wicked new guitar day threads being posted lately). These are all guitars I've picked up in the last month or so, but haven't posted them on the forum: First up is an '08 PRS DGT in cherryburst. Since selling my '93 Custom 24, I had been...
  19. 2002 PRS Cu24

    2002 PRS Cu24

    Getting ready to swap pups and electronics.
  20. NGD

    Electric Guitar
    Thought I'd better post the guitar I mentioned in Milkman's thread . It's a 2002 Cu24 that I got in a trade with JeremyP (good guy, JPFX). Colour is Black Cherry, not sure if that's the same as Mike's, quilt top and pretty much all stock for now. It's on my bench waiting for me to swap pups and...